Chapter 1

Perusing the information, Em saw why Teledyne wanted him specifically, and he knew he'd have to call another old friend for help.  He took a deep breath and double checked his mental list of net running acquaintances.  Hawk was in the hospital.  No one had heard from Missing Intellect for the last month or so.  Xaga would be able to handle the job except for The Gate ... No, it had to be her.  Em slowly exhaled, staring at his phone for several long moments.  His right leg bounced with nervous energy as he sighed and dialed the number from memory.

“Hello?” a lilting, possibly groggy but distinctly feminine voice asked.

“Varrow?  It's Em.  I need your help.”

Varrow sighed softly, “My help?  With what?”

“I can't say over this line.  Meet me at Joe's as soon as you can.”  Joe was an old friend from years back, and his diner was a safe haven, regularly swept for bugs, populated by a crowd that protected themselves and their friends.  Mutually Assured Destruction was the unwritten and unspoken ground rule at Joe's.

“Uh... okay?  I'll be there in ten minutes.”

“Want me to order anything for you?”

“Sure,” Em could almost hear Varrow's smile.  “A cup of coffee and,” she paused, “two eggs over easy, hash browns and a short stack.  I feel like I haven't eaten for a week!”

“Aye.  See you soon,” Em said.

“See you then,”

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