Test Data

Character Name: 
Test Data
World of Heroes
Real Name: 
Jonathan Sanburg
Base of Operations: 
Anywhere with internet access
Character Synopsis: 
A sentient, digitized intelligence. Hacker extraordinaire and expert in hardware and software communications
Hair Color: 
Eye Color: 
Skin Color: 
Character Background: 
Decades ago there was a group of engineers working on matter teleportation. This group was subdivided into two, smaller groups. One focused on creating wormholes through space time stable enough to be used as conduits for a datastream. The other group focused on digitizing matter into a datastream, and reassembling it afterward. Much like in the movie Tron, this second group's effort had great success in the digitization phase, but less success in the rematerialization phase. One day, something went horribly wrong with the first group's experiments and most of the lab, including everything that wasn't bolted down, was sucked into an unstable wormhole. One technician from the second group had the presence of mind, and just enough time, to digitize himself to escape one form of oblivion. He existed inside the mainframe for a number of years, working on a way to rematerialize himself, until the mainframe was upgraded and connected to the proto-internet. Much of the technician's identity was lost when he connected to the internet and what remained was further muddled the longer it spent in cyberspace. As the internet grew, so to did the electronic consciousness. Though it had found the solution by which it could rejoin meatspace, it had no desire to leave its cyberworld. It parsed billions of bytes of data every minute, stealing spare cpu cycles from every connected device, be it router, server, home computer or PDA. It watched the species it had once been a part of, and it learned.
Test Data is dispassionate, most likely due to having lost touch with its humanity. It thinks of itself more as an impartial observer. In time, it may see itself more in a parental role, guiding Humanity in its evolution.
Day Job: 
Communications coordinator for First Line
Test Data is, for all intents and purposes, one with the Internet. If it's electronic and connects to the internet, TD can manipulate it.
The Internet and/or an internet enabled device.
Power outages, physical severing of network connections, magnets / electromagnetic pulses, devices not connected to the internet. If one could convince Test Data to pull itself out of the internet and into a single computer, one could "kill" it by severing the network connection and turning off the computer. Test Data would write itself to the hard drive, where it would exist in a static state until the drive is powered on again. Once the computer is off, erasing the drive with a magnet or otherwise destroying it would end Test Data's existence. Unless it has saved a copy of itself on another computer, or it has materialized itself into meatspace (the real world).