Doctor Steel

Character Name: 
Doctor Steel
World of Heroes
Real Name: 
Doctor Kevin Ferrian
Base of Operations: 
Pittsburg, PA, USA
Character Synopsis: 
Former superhero, now world-renowned surgeon with the ability to remotely manipulate metals.
176 lbs
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Doctor Steel was an active hero in the 1960s, 70s, and early 80s. After retiring from that life, he became a surgeon, and now uses his extraordinary abilities to perform multiple surgeries at once. He is fairly open to talking about his past, and does not resent it at all, despite what tabloids seem to say. According to him, this was just a logical step. He was getting too old to handle the life of a superhero, so he put his powers to work another way. He is still, however, quite sharp, as was discovered by some terrorists who tried to kidnap him to perform surgery on their dying leader. Doctor Steel saved the man's life, and then summarily defeated all his guards and deposited the terrorist leader on the steps of the white house wrapped in his own hospital bed. <i>Dedicated to my friend RT, the doctor with the heart of a superhero.</i>
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Power Level: 
"Doctor Steel" is actually just a nickname, now, to Dr. Kevin Ferrian, former superhero, now world-renowned surgeon. He has the ability to manipulate any metal out to about 300 feet, ferrous or not, though many of his enemies have made the mistake of assuming his powers are based on magnetism.
Kevin used to wear a suit of metal armor into action, using his control over metal to help him fly about and slam into whatever needed slamming into. The armor also had various pieces designed to break off and reattach as needed, in case he went into a place where no metal could be found. It was de-magnetized by scientist friends after giant magnets were used against him.
Magnets, ironically, give him trouble. He has to fight against them for control over ferrous metals. Also, his limited range has caused problems against foes who can fight at even longer distances.