Character Name: 
World of Heroes
Real Name: 
Stan Bradford
Base of Operations: 
Chicago, IL
6'0" (72 inches), 183 cm
68 lbs
Hair Color: 
Sandy blond
Eye Color: 
Skin Color: 
Stan is a pretty happy-go-lucky guy. His background has taught him that going with the flow is the easiest course of action, and often more successful. He makes no definite plans, at least not any long term ones, because he knows things could change at the drop of a hat. His outer personality can change just as fast, depending on what the situation calls for. If someone needs to take charge of a situation, redirect the panicked energy of a crowd of citizens into an orderly evacuation, Stan can, and often does, step up to do that. He is not, however, a good leader. As mentioned, his goals are short sighted at best. If he were put in a position of power, it would most likely be as a figure head, a puppet ruler. Few have seen his baseline personality, and for a while he himself had lost it amid layers of false personas. When he's just being himself, he stands roughly 5'6" with blue eyes and light brown hair, weighing around 130 lbs. At heart, he's a goofy guy that never really grew up. He likes joking around with his friends.
Power Level: 
Sundog is the consummate actor. Using his powers of precise muscle control and photographic memory, he can mimic any person after a bit of study. The only props he uses are costume pieces. He can change is body to match a height between four feet and seven feet, adjusting weight as necessary. With a bit of concentration he can even alter his skin pigmentation, as well as his hair and eye color. He may even have gained control over hair follicle growth, giving him the ability to grow out hair, or grow a beard in moments. Makes shaving easy, as he can simply pull in the hairs that grew out during the night. He has developed his improvisational and mental acting skills to a high degree, and could be a very successful movie star if he weren't fighting crime.
None save the clothes on his back, and a wardrobe of costume pieces.
Lack of concentration, especially around his wife.