Lightning Shard

Character Name: 
Lightning Shard
World of Heroes
Real Name: 
Derrik Lucious
Base of Operations: 
San Francisco
Character Synopsis: 
Lightning powered super hero, Gruff and grim, Lightning Shard has not taken his appointment as leader of First Line quietly.
6'1" (73 inches), 185cm
182 lbs, 82.5 kg
Hair Color: 
Light brown
Eye Color: 
Dark brown, glowing white when he's angry and/or powered up
Skin Color: 
Lightning Shard is wearied by the sheer size of the task before him. As the first and most powerful superhero of his generation, Lightning Shard began his career thinking he could make a real difference and change the world for the better, forever. As time has gone on and more heroes and villains arise to join or challenge him, Lightning Shard has realized just how much there is for him and his fellow costumed do-gooders to do. He has begun to believe that there may be no way for them to come out victorious. Although it leaves him fairly depressed, it has done nothing to diminish his fervor. Lightning Shard fights with the desperation of a man who cannot win, but who cannot afford to lose.
Power Level: 
Lightning Shard can create a skintight field of solid electrons around himself. This field does a number of things. As it is the densest material thus far known to man, it protects him from nearly any physical attack. Since he can move it like he would a muscle, it imparts incredible strength and speed, and can lift into the air by means that are not as yet fully understood. As it is essentially electricity in solid form it is extremely hot, which helps in a fight, but he must be careful when trying to rescue someone. He has learned recently to lash out with the field, making whip-like attacks, and to create simple forms attached to the field, such as a sword or even a shield large enough to protect someone else. In addition to the field, Lightning Shard's body has several other properties. It is an excellent conductor, and Derrick himself feels no pain from electrical shock. His mind is difficult to access or affect through psionics or mind-affecting drugs; another hero named the Mentalist once tried to look for a repressed memory in an entirely benevolent fashion, and after several failed attempts he described Derrick's mind as "full of static."
Lightning Shard's suit is made of a special rubberized spandex. Any other clothes are incinerated when he turns on his shield. The design is black and white, separated across the chest with a lightning-bolt style diagonal line across the chest. Included is a bandanna-style mask, modeled specifically after Westley's from "The Princess Bride," which is Lightning Shard's favorite movie. It, too, is black and white, separated by a jagged diagonal line.
Surprisingly, Lightning Shard is not vulnerable to water. His field electrolyzes it on contact. Sufficient amounts of conductive metals propelled at high enough speeds will actually conduct enough of the field to get through; a shotgun slug made of gold or silver with an extra powerful charge is a good example. Also, even though electricity does not hurt Derrick, it does solidify on contact with his skin. His own field is made from his extra-powerful bio-electric energy, which is why he can control it, but he cannot control foreign electricity. A small shock would just cover a small part of him, but a sufficient shock will leave him trapped in solid electricity. Derrick can vibrate the stuff away from him using his own field, but a current of sufficient strength would replenish the field and keep him immobile as long as the current is going.