Beginning 5

The Tyrant's assault drives into you, weakening you as the titanic battle rages backwards through time. But you do not despair. As you near the beginning of creation, you know what has to be done. Your plan gives you hope, and to that hope you hold fast through the onslaught.

As you come out of the Timestream, you take hold of the Tyrant and plunge into the fire of creation. You hold him fast, ignoring his futile protests of the final fate you have wrought for you both. You do not allow him to escape, even as you are blasted by the incredible forces consuming you. The power of the universe coming to be tears you both asunder, leaving it without the Tyrant's rule ... or the Final Guardian's protection.

But this universe is not unchanged. The corruption of the Tyrant and your selflessness spread through the minds of its denizens, driving them to new heights of heroism and new depths of depravity. In this world with neither defender nor dominator, mankind will forge a way of its own. It will come by their own hands and their own will; Ex Machina.