Beginning 4

You and the Tyrant struggle mightily as the eons flow back, pulling you in their tide. Neither can gain the upper hand, though you both bear the grievous marks of the other's powerful blows.

Then, as the timestream ends and you find yourselves in that space before the birth of creation, you see your chance. Gathering your strength, you blast the Tyrant with all you have, driving him into the pinpoint mass of the universe just as it expands. The force of creation coming to be tears the Tyrant apart, and you look on, exhausted but triumphant, as the glory of existence fills your senses.

The power of Tyrant is stretched between everything in this universe, becoming a part of its being that sages will come to call the Great Lattice. This vast network of energy will fill creation with things both wondrous and terrible that beckons the bold to brave these Mystic Frontiers.