Beginning 1

With ages becoming moments around you, the titanic battle rages on. The Tyrant's attacks tear into you, blasting pieces of your being into the Timestream. With a last, terrible cry of triumph, the Tyrant annihilates your last remaining piece - your powerful heart - just as he arrives at the beginning of a fresh new universe, ready to remake it according to his will.

Though shattered, you are not gone. Pieces of your power that dissolved in the Timestream seek out suitable carriers, and your heart, spread out across creation by the force of its birth, watches over its denizens, subtly guiding them to act instead of watch, to lead instead of follow, all to protect creation from falling once more into the hands of the Tyrant.

It will come to be a place of courageous beings who will stand fast against darkness and evil, where mighty champions of right will shape its destiny as a World of Heroes.