The Ending of Everything

What you are always was. You are the defender of reality, the protector of causality, and the motion of time itself is in your care. And now, you must act. A denizen of creation has amassed the potential of his race and drawn it unto himself. It obeys his every whim. Its power is now his, and his alone, and like the potential he has stolen, it is ... ... limitless. In a space of eons or moments insignificant before his immortality - the universe kneels before him. Every sentient thing that knows enough to know it is being ruled calls him master, and his name carries the weight of fear and awe in every language spoken, thought, or felt between the denizens of reality. Tyrant. But when all-that-is lies under his reign, the Tyrant realizes that it has not always been so. The time before his coming will never belong to him, and he desires it. So the Tyrant ends his universe and sets forth to go back to the beginning to remake existence as he pleases. As time resets around him, he encounters you. You are someone he has never ruled, never subjugated, someone who existed beyond his reality - and yet was one with it. You tell him you will not allow him to finish his plan. "Foolish interloper," he declares. He wears his radiant, raging power thick about him like a garment forged from the unbounded potential he stole. The silenced minds of his race still seem to cry out in their undying doom - their fury at their betrayal only fueling him, and making him stronger. "I am the Tyrant, and you shall not stop me!" "I am the Final Guardian," you return, "and one way or another, I will see that you fail." Choose your path, each leading to a different world of Alternia: