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Gentle Readers ...

I can't count the number of times I've been called that.

I've said it many times; Superheroes are our modern myths, the legends of our times. They, like their counterparts of old, represent the best intentions of our society. To understand them is to understand what we wish we were and what we strive for, both as communities and as individuals. They show us how to use power selflessly, how to face danger and evil relentlessly, and how to overcome ourselves courageously.

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Dimensional Summary

Alternia has 4 worlds, now. 5 if you count what's in the back of my mind. This entry is to sum them all up and get their abreviations straight.


World of Heroes (WoH): The original Alternia setting I came up with when I was ... like ... 12. Younger, probably. It's full of superpowered beings, very few of which were in my original lineup of heroes and villains. I could use some of them to flesh out the previous generations of heroes.


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