What Is Alternia Comics?

Hi.  Welcome to our worlds.


Alternia started life just as a single continuity where I put all my Superhero stories, back when I was much, much younger.  Eventually, after a few collaborative efforts, I invited my good friend Karak to join me as an official co-creator.  I would say, however, that the moment Alternia was truly born was when Karak asked if he could start including stories from his own world, then called Ex Machina after the story he was writing, in the web community where we were writing our superhero stories.  Ex Machina is a cyberpunk setting in the best traditions of Bladerunner and Shadowrun (less the magic and extra races).


It wasn't long until we added in other worlds I had worked on.  A post-apocolyptic setting I called After the Collapse was the next to join the ranks.  It took me a while before I decided to throw my fantasy setting, then only known as Ifrai, into the mix, because I already had some idea that I might make these different worlds alternate universes to each other.  Finally, I created Crossworld, a place where myth and magic met the real world.  It was, and still is, the least defined (and thus the least confined) of our universes.


Alternia became what you see now when I finally found a convincing and compelling way to give each of these universes a common origin, one which you read about about in the Final Guardian's account of his struggle against the Tyrant.  It was, I think, a brilliant move, one that gave our widespread love of all genres of science fiction and fantasy a single place we could go to leave our mark, write our stories, and create whatever we wanted to.


Our worlds became the following:


Mystic Frontiers: Visions of fantasy have filled our imaginations since time unrecorded. Myth, magic, and the power of the unknown draw us to amazing new lands where familiar heroes face incredible dangers alongside us in the name of all we hold dear in our own world. They say that things change, but people do not; what better way to learn about ourselves than to see what holds true when faced with the impossible?


World of Heroes: I've said it many times; Superheroes are our modern myths, the legends of our times. They, like their counterparts of old, represent the best intentions of our society. To understand them is to understand what we wish we were and what we strive for, both as communities and as individuals. They show us how to use power selflessly, how to face danger and evil relentlessly, and how to overcome ourselves courageously.


After the Collapse: Post-apocolyptic settings are a strange combination of fear and hope. We fear the uncertainty of our future, and especially the possibility that this apparently permanent society we have built around us could be swept away with just a few bad choices. We hope, on the other hand, that no matter what happens, we will persevere, survive, and some day thrive again.


Ex Machina: Another fearful vision of the future is the cyberpunk genre, this one of what may lie just around the corner. Building social anxiety, the growing power of faceless corporations, and the massive increase in the flow of information alongside the decline of meaningful personal relationships could easily bring about a whole new order of things. The question is, how will we still find our freedom surrounded by seemingly impassable walls of money, numbers, and red tape?


Crossworld: What if around every street corner, there might lie something magical?  What if, in the tales of times gone by, something terrifying were true?  Even in this world we know, the limitless possibility of imagination makes us wonder just how much we DO know about what is around us.  In this age - or perhaps one gone by - tales of the strange and mystical beckon us to find fantastic things in familiar places.


Wizards of the Coast came up with a brilliant move when they created the Open Gaming License.  It meant that their intuitive, dynamic d20 system could be used by anyone to create the games they wanted.  Some time after we gave our mulitverse that common origin, I realized that what we were doing was very similar.  Our ambition was suddenly much larger than we had originally planned: Alternia is meant to be a place where creative souls can make whatever they choose and add it to the ongoing legend.


The five worlds we have encompass a vast and multi-genred space where creativity can thrive in whatever form it wants to take.  Even if our five worlds aren't enough, our five basic outcomes of the battle between the Tyrant and the Final Guardian are hardly all-inclusive.  If you need a new world, please- make one.  Just remember these simple rules:


1. There is always more blank space on the map.


2. In the absence of canon, make something up, drive on, and reconcile it later.


3. If you can't reconcile it, don't bother.  We are creating legends, not history.


As always, the mission of Alternia Comics is to entertain and inspire.