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Rule of Two - Rule of Two - Friday Midnight - Smitty's Cabin

Several hours after dinner, Max sat in the comfy chair while Jack and Pip talked on the couch. The dishes sat in the drying rack and the dish towels hung over the open cabinet doors.

Pip, with tears in her eyes and a grin from ear to ear came to the end of her story. Jack matched her grin, waiting with baited breath "… and the sergeant holds this two foot turd in a bag in front of the company, demanding —"

"WHO SHAT THE BAT?!" they shouted in unison, in what Max assumed was an impression of the sergeant. The moral of the story seemed to be the the MREs available in the desert tended to gum up the works, so to speak. Max tried to smile along with the energy of her companions.

Jack and Pip lost themselves in laughter. Pip was the first to recover enough for conversation. She turned toward Max, wiping a tear from her eye. "I'm sorry, this must be terribly boring for you, without all the context." Pip took several deep breaths.

"It's alright," Max said,...

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“I’m running across rooftops, chasing a purse snatcher. I can jump the alley ways easily enough, but I’m coming to the end of the block. 9th is a one-way street, so at least it’s narrow, but it’s still a street. Wider than any of the jumps I’ve made. He’s on the ground, just running pell-mell down the sidewalk, through the light early morning crowds to make his get away. He doesn’t see anyone chasing him, and I watch as he darts in front of oncoming traffic to cross 9th.”

Doctor Shadid interrupted. “What do you feel at this point in the dream?”