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Messengers and Masks - Scene Seven

What a lovely little light, thought Bori, following a tiny, glowing globe through the forest. And so helpful. Wherever it's going, it's got to be good. He reached out for the light, which playful darted away from his hand.

"Oho! A challenge!" said Bori, smiling. He swatted lightly for the little light again and again, running after it as it picked up speed. It zipped through the air, always just out of reach, until finally he managed to brush his finger against it. He got a mild shock to his hand, but was too happy about scoring the hit to notice. "Hah!" he said to the globe, which he had the impression was mildly surprised he had managed to touch it. "You should have known better, little light, than to challenge ..."

A ghostly voice that spoke behind him with the weight of ages cut him off. "Engallian Soaringsteel," it said. Wind whipped through the forest, making a cacophany of rustling leaves and blowing the raindrops into Bori's face as he...

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Short Stories

On Elven Speech

By Karak

The mountain of a man walked through the forest. He stood over three yards tall, with legs thick as tree trunks. His long-eared companion's slender legs found difficulty in matching the pace of the long, slow strides. "Mahrem, wait a moment." The elf paused to catch his breath.