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The Astounding Adventures of Templeton Sledmeir and Elson Dowring - Scene Fourteen

Elson gningerly swung into a sitting position on the bed to hand her his tray as he pondered that. He didn't even know where he was going nest - wherever Templeton thought was best, really. And even if when he got there, chances were good he wouldn't be there long enough to wait for his letter to reach her and for her to send a return letter.

Still ...

"Yes, I would like that. I can send you a letter when my friend and I get to where we're going."

(Author's note: Elson, you poor hormonal fool! You're leaving a trail!)

Marta nodded and smiled as she took the tray. As she walked away, Elson stood up behind her and walked over to the window. It was snowing lightly; he had to wipe away some of the fog on the window to see clearly. "Where do you live in town, Marta?" he asked. "Can you see it from here?"

"Ah, not so easy. All the streets around here are very nice streets. Mine is not as nice. Not beautiful, but... a small beauty?"


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A Calm Discussion of the Potential in Time Travel

The scene is a fine Spring day in the Year of Our Lord nineteen hundred and ninety-five. The Regent of the Eternal Empire has declared the day a Rest day, and in celebration of the holiday, people of all shapes and walks of life promenade through the sculpted gardens of Central Park. Two, in fine riding suits, are in the midst of a discussion that may be pertinent to the unfolding story. Let us listen in.