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The Journal of Ian MacKellen - Day 14

Day Fourteen - Sunrise

Sometime between when the fire died down to embers and the sun came up, a visitor came to the camp: a wild dog. I had my back to the woods, letting my gaze drift between the smoldering embers, the sleeping Charlie, and Lisa's car, mostly the embers though. The gentle waves of red washing through the ash mesmerized me, took hold of some part of me and managed to beat the Hunger into the background. I was about to lie back and stare at the stars when I heard a noise.

I felt its teeth pierce through my neck and back first, then the slobbering breath on my neck and the panting in my ear. I felt my skin rip as I grabbed hold of the beast and wrenched it free. I couldn't throw it in front of me; the car was in the way. I stood, but I was off balance and fell backward. I managed to turn the fall into a roll, but only just barely and I lost my grip on the dog.

It darted a few yards away from me, then turned and growled a low growl, deep in...

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